Maca Vivadis® (Lepidium Peruvianum G. Chacòn de Popovici)


Maca is a tuberous plant belonging to the same Brassicaceae family as horse radish, but with extraordinary health properties. These qualities of Maca are partly due to its unique place of cultivation: It grows at an altitude above 4,000 meters, on the plateau of the Peruvian Andes mountains.

The plants are grown by traditional methods that respect nature, our quality control is rigorous from cultivation to finished product. In cooperation with local manufacturers, we offer superior quality and an excellence in sustainable production. This ensures the unique value and outstanding quality of our products. Maca Vivadis is cultivated according to traditional Peruvian methods, using the principles of biodynamic and organic agriculture, this unique combination ensures the stability and the excellent nutritional value in addition to its high energetic quality. All this to benefit both body and mind.

Vivadis offers several formulations of organic Maca to satisfy all needs :

Maca Indigo caps

Maca Vivadis 50+

This Maca is a mixture of red, violet and black Maca roots and can be used:

• to enhance a tonic action and sustain metabolism (women)
• As invigorating for men
• for its tonic and adaptogenic activity
• at the first signs of ageing for counteracting physical and mental tiredness

Usage: It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day (for example two capsules at breakfast and one at lunch).

Packaging :

Caps (amber glass bottle)


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Maca Imperial caps

Maca Vivadis CAPS

Maca is a tonic-adaptogen and thanks to its revitalising activity will help :

• in fatigue and lack of energy
• in mental tiredness
• when physical and mental strength is demanded.

Usage: It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day (for example two at breakfast and one at lunch).

* The special violet glass bottle is a natural filter, stops harmful frequencies of light that cause ageing and allows those frequencies that preserve quality and shelf life of sensitive substances. Please reuse this valuable bottle.

Packaging :

Caps (violet glass bottle)


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Maca Inkas powder 180g

Maca Vivadis POWDER

Maca Powder can be easily taken or mixed with water, milk (soja, rice, almond, cow milk) or added to yogurts.

Maca powder is a great alternative for those who prefer this form above capsules.

Maca Powder is effective when mixed in drinks that contain mineral salts, especially indicated for people who do sport.

Usage: Mix, or dissolve and stir a flush spoon of Maca Powder in 125 ml. of water or milk (soja, rice, almond, chocolate or cow milk).

Packaging :

Powder (PET bottle)


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Cat's Claw Vivadis®

Cat's claw drops Vivadis

Cat’s Claw Vivadis

Vivadis Cat 's Claw extract is a dietary supplement based on extract of Uncaria tomentosa Wild, a plant originating from the Peruvian forest. Thanks to its properties, the Cat Claw:

· Promotes the immune system
· Improves joint function
· Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory

Tip: Strengthen your resistance during winter and seasonal changes with the Vivadis ® Cat Claw!

Use: 5 to 33 drops three times a day before meals, diluted in 50-100 ml of water.

- Daily maintenance dose: 5 drops
- with an accurate treatment: 10 to 25 drops with an increase of 5 drops / week
- Maximum dose for emergency treatment: 33 drops

Do not use during pregnancy, children under 3 years of age or persons undergoing transplant. There is no mention of interaction with other substances, there are no side effects.

Packaging :

Hydro-alcohol extract


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Asparagus Vivadis®

Asparagus Vivadis

Asperges biodynamiques Vivadis

Certified 100% organic asparragus. From the leading exporting country of fresh asparragus a product known from ancient times for its high contain of Vitamin A and C, minerals such as potasium, phosphorus , calcium and magnesium. Also for its easy digestion and its richness of fiber and antioxidants.

Packaging :