Who are we?


Our project was born on May 12, 1999 thanks to the determination of its current director, Mrs. Viriginia Atala Vivanco. A Belgian entrepreneur, originally from Peru, Mrs. Atala Vivanco from early childhood aspired to promote equal opportunities for people as well as a fair sharing of world resources. Now, supported and surrounded by a team of committed and conscious partners, her vision takes shape in the VIVADIS project.

We are a company incorporated under Belgian law, specializing in the production and distribution of herbal health products. We are currently located in Belgium, Italy and Peru and our products are available in Western Europe, South America and parts of North America.

But above all, VIVADIS is a social and sustainability project. We function through very different vectors: distribution, development, investment, production or partnership. We work in places where we can sustainably develop products or projects that may bring a positive contribution in the areas of health, food or cooperation.


We believe that the four reigns of nature, the human, the animal, the vegetable and the mineral are intimately related and thrive because of each other. Therefore, a view towards a balanced life that is respectful of our living environment is an essential basis for continuing happiness, to be accessible to all.

We believe that nature is essentially perfect and that it can provide us with everything we need to be happy and healthy.

First, happiness, because the resources offered by our planet are perfectly sufficient for everybody to live in a fair and dignified way. We believe that the key to this balance lies in a fair sharing of resources and land ownerships.

Second, health, as we think there is a solution from nature for every deficiency in our body. We have as yet only found a tiny part of the virtues offered by the plants that abound on our planet, but already we can perform miracles.

That is why, today more than ever, we continue our research, we continue to share our findings and we hope you will find, among our products, those that can improve your well-being and that of those you love.



What is the nature of our project?

-> We manufacture and distribute health products based on plants and herbs.
-> We develop our activities in the context of sustainable development.
-> We protect the environment and respect environmental standards.
-> We protect our local partners and respect the rules of fair trade.



Sensitized by our nutritional habits and their ever increasing shortcomings, we want you to discover some extraordinary natural products. They are an excellent response to the present imbalances of our eating habits and their negative impact on our organism.

For example, Maca is now considered to be the richest plant in the world from a nutritional point of view. It is an adaptogen, it contains 31 of the 38 essential minerals to the human body and it extends its action to all organs of the body as well as on the hormonal level. Its properties are as surprising as they are efficient. Just by themselves, the virtues of this plant justify all our efforts.

Such a gift of nature must be shared and it is a major issue for us to help you discover this. By the way, we fought for many years for the right to introduce this plant in Europe, and we succeeded. Next to Maca, we also submit to you the Una de Gatto, an extraordinary Amazonian plant. Both are supplied in authentic composition and quality, cultivated in their traditional way, respectful of the environment.

In the near future, as a result of our research we will propose other natural products, grown and harvested using traditional methods coming from an ancestral know-how.


Whether through the dissemination of important information, supported by our specialized partners, or through our involvement in projects of social consequence, we serve the values ​​in which we believe. Solidarity, shared responsibility and respect for the rights of the individual. We believe that promoting respect for human values ​​and improving living conditions of all will promote healing and peace of mind and will help shape a new vision of the world.

VIVADIS strives to offer unique products that meet fair trade standards, while respecting men and women of all cultures.


What would we be without the earth that carries us and gives us so many solutions to our problems? The least we can do and probably also the most important is to ensure that means and methods for exploiting this legacy are both clean, non-destructive and respectful of the fragility of our ecosystem.

At VIVADIS, we cannot consider any activity that would run against basic ecology. All our patterns of production and distribution follow sustainable models and they respect the environment as well as the people who inhabit it.

Wherever and as soon as we can, we develop our production methods on models of biodynamic farming and permaculture. In all cases, VIVADIS offers nothing less than a production based on biological agriculture



How do we realize our objectives?

Through the quality and effectiveness of our products as well as with our advice, we want to help improve health and quality of life of each individual, while continuing to respect the environment. Nature offers us this possibility; we want to share it.


Our production is carried out in the lands of Peru, which are well known for their exceptional fertility and purity. Various studies have confirmed the biological wealth of this land of the Incas, for example the work of Leslie Holdridge which argues that of the 103 different « life zones » that exist in the world, Peru has 87.

All our products come from organic agriculture.

We develop models of biodynamic production that we implement as soon as possible, once the necessary elements and conditions are met.

We work in close partnership with local populations and wish to respect their traditions, from which we also learn many lessons.


Fair trading well before it became fashionable, from our very first day we ensure that from producer to consumer, each agent is paid fairly and respectfully.

We have created a charter of cooperation that we submit to each of our partners. This ensures that no deviation from our sustainable development work can occur when subcontracting.

We use recyclable materials for our packaging.

We use materials that protect the quality of our products (e.g. our purple bottle)

We use natural capsules...



We think a relationship should be a source of benefits for each party.

We invest in the development of structures for our producers and in the betterment of their quality of life.

We support and encourage our local producers to repossess their land.

We finance various stages of production like the purchase of seedlings or the leasing of agricultural land.

We fund the protection of plants’ nomenclature so that they cannot be patented by companies for their purely commercial purposes.

We invest in research and development of projects that seem promising.

We fund and are support scientific research in the Amazon, including the brilliant research done by the TAKIWASI laboratory.

We also fund projects resulting from the work of Dr. Letta, with disadvantaged children in India, such as the creation of a dispensary, a school. We further participate in his research in the fields of health and wellness.